Donnerstag, 16. August 2012

To Do - Buy your ticket to Dublin

So this is it, it's going to happen!

Just booked my flight today at the travel agency. September 3rd. After 6pm I will be in Dublin. Just about two weeks than I will live in that great country.

What am I doing there? I will work as an AuPair for great kids, can't wait, to see and play with them, being there for a year, is a great opportunity to get to know this country and the people!

What am I doing here? I have a blog, that I really love to write, but maybe, someone, just want to read my experiences in Ireland, so I will separate this blog from my main blog. I will write about my life, about the Isle, about history, of course you will see a lot of pictures here. Just a girl in a big new world!

So come and join me on my new adventure!

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