Sonntag, 9. September 2012

Living in Ireland usually means living in the countryside

Hey there!

I hope you are fine! It's a week now since I've been here in Ireland. In some moments I still think it's totally unreal, being here, that I finally took the plane. You have to know, that this was my first flight ever, that brought me here. I flew from Stuttgart to Dublin, and I really enjoyed the landing and the view from above over Dublin. I need to see Dublin as soon as possible!

So, but now I am in the middle of Ireland, the nearest town, with about 16.000 inhabitants, is Athlone:

When you get out of this house, where I am going to live at for about one year, you are literaly standing in the fields, green grass everywhere!

To give you an impression, I have some pictures for you today, that will show you, how this countryside does look like:

SATURDAY Sept. 8th 2012



SUNDAY Sept. 9th 2012



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  1. Es sieht sehr idyllisch aus und ist auch bestimmt ganz ruhig da. Was gäbe ich um ein bisschen Stille am Sonntag.